Faculty Members of the Department have completed the following Sponsored Research Projects:

S.No Title Project Investigator Funding Agency Year
1 Development of Transparent, Durable superhydrophobic-coating for self-cleaning of Endoscope Dr. Ravi K R MSME 2021-2022
2 Novel in-situ volume contractible metal halide negative electrodes for high performance lithium-ion batteries Dr. Srijan Sengupta SERB - CRG 2020-2023
3 Understanding the deformation mechanisms under in-plane shear and role of pre-twinning on formability behavior of AZ31-xCa Mg alloy sheets Dr. Jaiveer Singh SERB - SRG 2020-2022
4 Study of the Effects of Stress-State and Strain-Rate on Constitutive Response of Polymer Gels via Experiments and Continuum Mechanics Modeling Dr. Abir Bhattacharyya SERB - SRG 2019-2022
5 Thermoelectric Performance Study Using First-Principles Calculations Based Methods Dr. Appala Naidu Gandi SERB - SRG 2019-2022
6 Design and Fabrication of Indigenous Powder Fed Metal Additive Manufacturing Machine Dr. Ravi K R Technology Development Board (TDB), Department of Science and Technology (DST) 2019-2022
7 Quantitative assessment of Hot tearing characteristics of Aerospace Magnesium Alloys Dr. Ravi K R ARDB 2018-2020