Some of the prominent ongoing Sponsored Research Projects include:

S.No Title Funding Agency Project Investigator Year
1 Deep-Tech Biodesign Centre: A Multi-disciplinary centre to train, nurture and transform clinicians and engineers into the Deep-Tech innovators in the field of Medical/Health Technology Dr. Ravi K R DBT 2022-2025
2 Optical based in-situ monitoring for porosity detection during laser cladding and additive manufacturing of stainless steel Dr. Ravi K R SERB - CRG 2022 - 2024
3 Design and Fabrication of Indigenous Powder Fed Metal Additive Manufacturing Machine Dr. Ravi K R DST - AMT 2019-2023
4 Developing Endoscope Socket to provide uninterpreted endoscopic visual field to ENT doctor for diagnosing patients with minimal discomfort. Dr. Ravi K R MSME 2022 - 2023
5 Differential Phase Contrast in Electron Magnetic Circular Dichroism in Transmission Electron Microscopy Dr. Devendra Singh Negi SERB - SRG 2022-2024
6 Large Scale Synthesis of Freestanding 2D Borophene Atomic Sheets and its Hybrids for Conducting Tapes Dr. Pranay Ranjan SERB - SRG 2022-2024
7 A High-Throughput Structure-Sensitive Designing of Electrocatalysts for Next-generation Alternative Fuel-"Green Ammonia"-Synthesis Dr. Amitava Banerjee SERB - SRG 2022-2024
8 Grain boundary engineering for improvement of high temperature strength and ductility in FCC alloys for structural applications Dr. Nitin Kumar Sharma SERB - SRG 2022-2024
9 Investigation of weldability and hydrogen embrittlement phenomenon in high-strength bainitic steel Dr. Sk Md Hasan SERB - SRG 2022-2024
10 Design of ultralight, cost-effective high entropy alloys with transformation induced plasticity Dr. Saurabh Nene SERB - SRG 2021-2023
11 Oxidation and quenching studies of Zry-4 clad material with and without coating Dr. Ravi K R BRNS 3 years
12 Designing lightweight and highly formable Mg-Li/Zn/Ca-RE based alloys using the CALPHAD method Dr. Jaiveer Singh Ministry of Mines 2 Years
13 Design and processing of non-corrosive and cost-effective complex concentrated alloys (CCAs) for biomedical applications Dr. Jaiveer Singh WOS-A DST 3 years
14 Novel 2-D nanostructures involving borophene and clay, their, organic and inorganic hybrids, and heterostructures for optoelectronic, magneto-optics photo/eletrocatalysis, and water purifications Dr. Pranay Ranjan IIT Jodhpur - University of Buffalo 3 years
15 A Non-invasive Breath Analyser for Kidney Dysfunction Screening Dr. Pranay Ranjan MEITY -
16 Borophene based Supercapacitor Dr. Pranay Ranjan (PI) TATA -